Crimson Ground Services

Roll-Off Dumpster Service

Call us about renting 10, 20, or 30-yard containers for all of your waste removal needs.

Yard MaterialPrice
10 Yard
10' x 8' x 3.5'
Brush, Stumps, Clean Solid Fill$260.00
Construction Debris, Asphalt, Concrete$375.00
Roofing Material$475.00
Sanitary Debris, Household Trash, Furniture$500.00
20 Yard
21' x 8' x 3.5'
Brush, Stumps, Clean Solid Fill$340.00
Construction Debris, Asphalt, Concrete$420.00
Roofing Material$520.00
Sanitary Debris, Household Trash, Furniture$690.00
30 Yard
21' x 8' x 5'
Brush, Stumps, Clean Solid Fill$365.00
Construction Debris, Asphalt, Concrete$485.00
Roofing Material$585.00
Sanitary Debris, Household Trash, Furniture$760.00
40 Yard
21' x 8' x 6.5'
Brush, Stumps, Clean Solid Fill$480.00
Construction Debris, Asphalt, Concrete$625.00
Roofing Material$725.00
Sanitary Debris, Household Trash, Furniture$995.00

Any roll-off box containing dirt, brick, asphalt, concrete, sand, gravel, solid fill, or any similar material may only be loaded halfway due to the weight of the material. Customers will be assessed a surcharge for any overloaded box, ranging between $100-$300 based on the amount of material in the box and the type of material in it. The customer is also responsible for any overweight tickets incurred by Crimson Ground Services’ drivers and for any damages caused to Crimson Ground Services’ equipment or truck as a result of any overweight boxes.

Do NOT place any tires, paint cans, or any other hazardous materials in the box. Customers will be assessed a surcharge for any hazardous materials. Any tires, mattresses, and box springs will be charged an additional $25 each. The customer is responsible for a surcharge of $100-$300 for any sanitary debris based on the type and quantity of the debris.

The unit price for each roll-off box is for 7 days. The customer is responsible for any days in addition at $5.00 per day, per box.

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